The key to avoid the Wisconsin Winter

After Thanksgiving, the weather in Wisconsin really starts to take a turn for the worse. I try to wait until second semester to bring my winter parka to campus but some years it just can’t wait! The key to keeping warm in the painfully cold weather on campus is… THE 80!

Freshman reading this are probably like, “What? What’s the 80?”

The 80 is the campus bus line. This line will take you mostly anywhere you need to go on campus. As you know, campus is gigantic. This can be difficult to make it on time from one class at Agriculture Hall to the Humanities building on time! But don’t worry there is a solution to figuring out the Bus Schedule.

The 80 runs passed every stop about every 5-10 minutes. The key to catching it is monitoring the schedule through the Wisconsin App.

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This app keeps you updated on everything you could possibly think of at the University. The main reason I have this app is the Buses section. There are many bus lines that run through campus. The only free bus is The 80. A majority of students take The 80 so it is super popular and in the winter, hard to get a spot on the bus. The app can see your location and help you navigate to the nearest bus stop. Then the app shows you the times of when each line of the bus will stop at your stop. There is a scheduled time and often times some buses are late or early so there is also a real time section of when they will arrive.

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This app is perfect to schedule your transportation so you can arrive where you need to be on time or when it is too cold to walk to class! Being a senior, I have utilized this tool and it has helped me so much! I hope it does the same for you!

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