Must-Have Food Apps

What is a college student’s favorite pastime? Eating, of course. Here are the three best apps to cure your late night cravings or order your post tailgate munchies straight to your dorm. 

RedCard: Red card is the premium off campus meal plan. Red Card works like a debit card– you load money onto the card and most restaurants in Madison accept red card as a form of currency. RedCard then sends you exclusive deals to use at said restaurants. For example, each Wednesday there is a new restaurant with a special deal for college students who pay with RedCard. All you do is scan the app at the register to pay for your food… easy as that!

Uber Eats: Have you ever craved a sandwich from Potbelly on State Street, but it was too cold to go outside? Just download the Uber Eats app and have your custom sandwich delivered straight to your door. The app is easy to use and makes your choices customizable to illuminate the restaurant experience. Allergies? Just leave a comment in the notes!

EatStreet: Similar to Uber Eats, EatStreet is a delivery app similar to UberEats, but local to Madison. This app has a similar selection of restaurants to UberEats, but if you prefer to support local businesses, EatStreet is the way to go.

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