It’s There When You Need to Find Your Friends

There are plenty of apps that I have on my phone, some of which I have not touched since the day I downloaded it. Going into college, I never quite thought that an App could be essential to my freshmen year experience. However, it did not take long for me to understand the legitimate necessity of the App “Find my Friends” or “Life360”, which are pretty much interchangeable. When you first go to college, the jitters of this newfound independence and inability to rely on your parents is undeniably present. However, it isn’t long until you and your roommate, or a girl you befriended in Biology 101 become your new shoulders to lean on in the absence of your parents. Once you make those friends, it won’t be long until you want to study together at the library, go see a movie, or even worse— go to a party. 

“Find My Friends” is an app that you can use to find the whereabouts of your friends or family. Maybe your friend lost her phone and you are trying to help her find it, or you are lost trying to meet a friend at the Dining Hall and you need to use “Find my Friends” to map yourself to his or her location. Or, the dreaded, your parents are worried about you and want your location “just in case”, and in that situation, just download it to ease their mind! All of those possibilities are, trust me, plausible as I have experienced all of the above, firsthand. 

Share your location with your friends, download the Apps, and trust me it is worth it!

Find My Friends — Only Available on iOS

Life360— Available on iOS and Android 

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