Expectation Vs. Reality: Learning to Love College

I firmly believe that for most students there is something called the college adjustment curve. Let me explain what I mean.

For whatever reason, I expected that upon my immediate arrival at college, I would be sucked in and transported into a college portal. I assumed I would fall down some college like rabbit-hole, quickly immersed into a new group of friends, always busy; never bored, and no looking back.

Witte Residence hall, where I lived my first year.

This however, was not the case. Me and my roommate didn’t immediately click. I didn’t make a lot of new friends right away. I didn’t have fun plans, or for that matter even know what to do.

I felt left out, alone, isolated and thought something was wrong with me. It seemed like everyone else had their groups, but not me. I would often sit in my dorm alone, sad, wondering why everything didn’t just fall into place.

Within my first month, I even debated on transferring colleges! But looking back I am SO glad I didn’t. All I needed to do was give myself a little time.

Me and my roommate started to talk more and more, and realized we did in fact have a lot in common! I started to meet people on my floor, and in my classes. The nerves started to fade, and I ventured out more into the city.

With each and every day that passed, Madison soon started to feel like my home. It just took some time and adjusting. And that’s okay! College is VERY different from high school.

And in fact, in turns out that a lot of my friends had felt the exact same way. Multiple friends revealed to me that they too questioned their college choice, almost transferring closer to home. They had also felt like their immediate experience wasn’t living up to what it should be.

So, do not worry if at first college isn’t exactly what you had envisioned it to be. It most likely won’t be- it’ll be more lively and and enjoyable then you could ever imagine. BUT, it might take a little while!

So don’t beat yourself up! I guarantee you will eventually find your people, that make college something you’ll never forget. And remember you’re not alone. There are lots of students that are feeling the exact same way! The best thing about starting college, is everyone is trying to make friends too.

We are all kind of just plopped into the city, and expected to know exactly what to do. But it’s new to us! It’s totally understandable and normal to have this adjustment period. But it won’t last forever.

Remember good things take time.

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