A Confrontation About Confrontation

It’s your worst nightmare. The messy, inconsiderate, downright rude roommate nightmare. You keep your space tidy and clean while they appear to never have used a laundry hamper before.

You spend your first few weeks ignoring it. You do your homework in the library instead of your dorm room’s desk. You become nose-blind to the stench. You do everything in your power to adapt to your situation.

While it’s more comfortable to brush off these seemingly harmless conditions, there is no doubt that doing so can and will wear you down. Your dorm room should be your sanctuary and home-away-from-home. Not just a shelter with a bed.

Confrontation. It’s not as scary as it may sound. No one wants to be that roommate, but sometimes it’s necessary to put your foot down. Here’s how:

Don’t wait for the situation to get to the tipping point. The earlier you nip a conflict in the bud, the easier it will be.

Don’t be a texting coward. Texts can be read in different tones that can misconstrue and potentially worsen the situation. It’s important to be face-to-face so both parties are on the same page.

Don’t worry about ruining your relationship with your roommate. This is an “adulting” hack after all. If you’re both adults, you can both handle a hiccup here and there.

Confrontation doesn’t go away in life. There will be many occasions where you will be in a conflict, no matter how minor. Use this time to develop those adulting skills.

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