5 Reasons Getting a Bus Pass Will Change Your Freshman Year

Coming into my freshman year at UW-Madison I had no idea the effect a bus pass could’ve had on my day to day life. I had received the emails to come pick up my student bus pass at the Student Activity Center, but ignored them thinking I wouldn’t need a bus pass. I assumed I could walk anywhere I wanted to go, but I was wrong. Here are 5 reasons you should pick up your bus pass ASAP!

1. They’re Free

Student bus passes are completely free of charge for UW-Madison students!

2. You Won’t Be Confined to Campus

While the UW-Madison campus is quite large, there is much more to see in Madison. One of Madison Metro’s 70 routes can get you pretty much anywhere you want to go, both on campus and off!

3. Save Money on Ubers

Instead of taking expensive Ubers, taking the bus will save you money in the long haul.

4. Help Conserve Energy

Taking the bus is more environmentally friendly than other motorized alternatives.

5. Stay Warm in the Winter

This one is especially important here in Wisconsin. Wisconsin winters can be brutal, so taking the bus to class is a great way to get out of the cold and still get to class.

Getting a student bus pass is the ultimate adulting life hack for your time here in Madison!

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