The BEST App to Help You Prep for Dorm Life!

As an incoming freshman, I’m sure you have been asking your older college pals ALL about dorm life. What is essential and what can be left home? How do I manage to fit all of my stuff in such a tiny space? Though they are great resources, there is another way to answer all of these questions…Pinterest!

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This app allows users to consume and produce images, videos, articles, and other sources that anyone can save to their account. It is filled with a wide variety of content that fits everyone’s interests! Pinterest is available for IOS, Android, and can even be used on a computer.

Okay, okay, now all of the boys are clicking off because Pinterest is too girly for them, but hear me out! This app is filled with articles, blog posts, and other links specifically designed to help you succeed in your dorm preparation. It gives you hacks for storage, essential items, ideas for decoration, grocery lists, and many more helpful tips!

There are so many results when searching on this app and the best part is that you can gain multiple perspectives, not just your closest friends. No matter what gender you identify as you all have questions about dorm life that the producers of Pinterest content are ready to answer!

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Pinterest is the perfect app for freshmen to get advice and helpful tips from multiple sources. It can be used for more than just dorm life, so be sure to download it and discover the limitless content for all interests!

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