How my experience in a sorority at UW Madison exceeded expectations

I always assumed sororities were filled with disingenuous people who care more about the way that they look than their classes, but after joining one I quickly learned that this was far from the truth.

Here are three benefits that I found from being in a sorority at UW Madison:

  1. The most genuine group of friends: I can honestly say that the friends that I have made in my sorority have been the closest friends I’ve ever had. It helped me find a large group of people who I can get along with so easily in just the first month of school.
  2. Study buddies: I have been easily connected with groups of people in my major and people in the same classes as me. I usually know at least one person in each of my classes which is very helpful. I also have easy outlets to ask questions to older girls in my major.
  3. Leadership positions: Within a sorority there are a lot of positions that make up the executive board which is a great way to get involved and gain experience to benefit your future. I currently serve as the president of my sorority, which high school me would not believe. I have gained incredible experience that I would have never gotten without this organization.

Regardless of my positive experience, I know that sororities are not the right fit for everyone. Although, I’ve learned it is important to try something out before surrendering to stereotypes.

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