English 173: A Course that will Help you be the Change

The United States along with the rest of the world is in desperate need of change and leaders who are educated on various topics of racism, police brutality, microaggressions, along with other forms of systematic oppression. It is in our hands as students to learn about these problematic issues so that we can be the change. Students at UW-Madison should take the class English 173: Performing Race in America for many reasons. Not only does this class fulfill the literature and ethnic studies requirement, but it tackles serious, real-life issues our society faces daily. I enjoyed this class because it was raw and made me more aware about these issues and recognize my privilege. Jen Plants did a great job teaching this class and my TA was also awesome (whose name I unfortunately do not remember). This class met 3 times a week for 50 minutes; two lectures and one discussion. This 3-credit course is available in the fall 2020 (but it looks like it is full as of right now), and it is available for different times with different titles but it is still English 173 with Jennifer Plants! The lectures were around 100ish students and the discussion was around 15. I believe that all students should take this course just because it is so very important to get educated on these topics and this class will benefit anyone that takes it. This class does a lot of reading and watches some movies, since it is a literature course there were a lot of different poems, articles, parts of books and other readings assigned. 

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