Your Roommate Expectation vs. Reality

Having the ability to pick your own roommate either based off of a mutual friend, a Facebook post, or the connection via media platform has changed roommate relationships immensely. More and more college students have the expectation to become best friends with their roommate, forming an inseparable bond.

The reality is that a variety of bonds are formed with one’s freshman year roommate with personalities ranging across the spectrum:

  1. The Best Friend
    • Some roommates do turn out to be each other’s best friend. Sometimes people just click, and it is amazing when you turn out to be each other’s roommate!
  2. The Hermit/Partier
    • The roommate who lives in the room, never seeming to leave. You may just want time alone for yourself and you may never seem to get it. On the other hand, you may find a match who comes back late from a frat party who may be on a different sleeping schedule altogether.
  3. The Slob/Neat Freak
    • It’s not always easy to find a roommate with the same mannerisms. Some pairings may match someone who is a mess with another who leaves the room spotless. Finding a happy medium may become difficult.

There are many other dynamics among roommates that can take place. It’s critical to remember to not rely too heavily on a roommate or form too high of expectations. Let the chips fall as they may and try to make the most of any situation you are in.

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