Study Apps Every College Student Should Be Using

In our modern day and age, apps are not just used for entertainment- they are used for studying as well! Whether you have an Apple or an Android, there is a variety of apps out there for college students to help you stay on track of your work and boost your efficiency. Here are a few of my absolute favorite apps when it comes to getting my work done.

  1. Quizlet: Creating your own flash cards is made as easy as possible with this life-changing app. There are a variety of fun ways to review your content and you have access to thousands of others sets of flashcards! (Available on iOS and Android)
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  1. Exam Countdown: I know, procrastination gets the best of all of us sometimes. This app was extremely useful during my freshman year, as it always reminded me of the dates of my upcoming exams, quizzes, and work. (Available on iOS and Android)
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  1. Cold Turkey: This free app on your computer blocks selected sites for whatever amount of time you select. I always used it when I was trying to study for a test or get some work done but kept getting distracted on social media websites! (Available on iOS and Android)
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With our devices always glued to us, why not use them to study? Download these apps today to study more efficiently!

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