Anticipation rather than Procrastination

Procrastination, defined by Merriam-Webster as “to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done,” is something that all college students deal with at some point. Learning how to not procrastinate was one of the biggest and best adulting hacks I found during my freshman year. Procrastination is inevitable, since it is easy to put off daunting tasks until the very last minute. However, it is extremely beneficial to not procrastinate in college. Procrastinating your homework, studying, and other tasks leaves you stressed and with less time to do what you want. I learned that the less I procrastinate, the more time I can spend with my friends. Here are 2 tips that can help you stop procrastinating and become a more responsible “adult.” 

  1. Don’t leave assignments till the last minute. 

I noticed that in high school I had smaller assignments due more frequently, while my college courses had bigger assignments due over a greater time span. If a paper is assigned and it isn’t due for 3 weeks, that does not mean you should start it the day before it is due. If you start things when they are assigned earlier on, it will be easier and less stressful to complete them. 

  1. Get a planner and be organized!

If you are organized and have a planner, it is easier to stay on top of your commitments and assignments. Writing down and actively knowing what you have to do is the key to staying on top of your work.

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