Face wash: Essential to Any College Kid’s Hygiene Routine

What’s better than feeling clean after a long school day of walking/biking all around campus? The answer to that obviously depends on the person, but everyone can agree that jumping in your bed at the end of the day feeling refreshed and clean is comforting.

Face wash is one of the most indispensable items to bring to college because it is a basic yet essential step of any health care routine. College is overwhelming and stressful but allowing yourself to stay mentally and physically healthy all starts with taking care of your body. Sure, you can work out and eat healthy, but also making sure your clean and practicing solid hygiene is essential. Everyone wants to smell clean and feel good so face wash can directly attribute to that success! 

Our skin comes in contact with so much: air and environmental pollutants, oil, bacteria, dirt and other everyday factors that we need to not let sit on our skin. Washing your face not only assists you in practicing good hygiene, but it helps you to avoid acne and clogged pores to keep you feeling clean and healthy.

The best part of washing your face is that you can make it personalized to your skin and what scents/texture you enjoy! Especially depending on the type of cleanser you choose; it can help with specific skin conditions like acne. Face wash is something we take for granted, but all in all it is important to remember that daily face wash removes the unwanted factors to keep us looking fresh and feeling great!

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