Expectation VS. Reality: Balancing Schoolwork and a Social Life in College

The transition from High School to College can be incredibly daunting. I expected to come to Madison and be so overwhelmed with schoolwork that I would rarely be able to attend social events or get involved in various organizations on campus. While I can’t sit here and tell you college will not be incredibly challenging, I can say that balancing your social life is possible and is just as important as your academics.

Time Management 

You will be able to attend any social event as long as you use your time wisely. It is beneficial to schedule in time for homework in my planner. If I know there is a game day on Saturday, then I might spend a late night at the library Friday because I want Saturday to be homework free. There are some things you might have to miss out on due to Midterms or a big project. Missing one night out is worth getting a good grade. Madison has no shortage of social events on almost any night of the week, so staying in one night will not kill you.

A photo of my friends and I tailgating last Fall. Game days at UW-Madison truly cannot be beat!

Your Social Life Is Just as Important 

Now don’t take this the wrong way, I am not saying that you should prioritize going out over your studies. However, hanging out with friends and doing activities that make you happy is what you will remember most about your time here at UW-Madison. It is vital to carve out time to decompress from your classes and maintain good mental health. UW-Madison is the most fun campus, so do not miss out on all the fun nights to make memories with your best friends!!

As you go into your Freshman year, know that students all find their balance of working hard to play hard at their own pace. The adjustment as first might be overwhelming, but you will have time to enjoy the clubs and activities UW-Madison has to offer! 


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