appsolutely download this.

Here’s the deal. Keeping track of your money isn’t an option once you get to college, it is a necessity. You no longer have your mom handing you 10 dollars before going out with your friends, or your dad to take you for take-out after practices. It’s just you and your debit card… and that’s simply dangerous. The app every student needs to download pre-freshman year is their mobile bank app. Being conscious of what you’re working with is the easiest way to not overspend on all the new and exciting things college has to offer. Madison is littered with fun restaurants and bars that will absolutely wreck your bank account compared to the 3.00 plate of slop you can get from Gordons. Knowing when to splurge on a night out is completely up to what the number in your account is around. You never want to be as broke as you feel. So download the app and be knowledgeable about how much money you’re living on.

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