There’s an App For That – Getting Around UW-Madison


Getting around campus in Madison can be done in many ways. Biking, buses, Uber, or just simple walking will get you virtually anywhere you need to go in 30 minutes or less. But, figuring out the best options for yourself is best done with apps. So, here’s 3 apps that’ll best help you navigate UW-Madison and get where you need to go.

1.MAD Next Bus

The MAD Next Bus app is a great tool for knowing which bus routes to take to get to your destination while also knowing about delays and estimated arrival times. The app is also good for knowing about route changes since Madison feels like it’s under never-ending construction!


The B-Cycle app is perfect for students to rent bikes throughout Madison and find different pick-up and drop-off sites for the bikes! There’s nothing better than biking down the Lakeshore path or exploring State Street on wheels!

3.Uber / Lyft

I get it, Madison is a city that thrives at night. Whether you’re finding your way back to Witte after watching a show at the Sett or wanting to go explore Madison beyond campus confines, getting around on apps like Uber or Lyft will make sure that you get to and from any destination seamlessly.

UW-Madison has so much to offer and with the city covering 77 square miles, it’s essential to know how to get around and truly explore the best the city has to offer.

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