How to Get Involved in Madison’s Active Life-Style without being THAT Active.

When living in Lakeshore your freshman year, intentionally or unintentionally, you will quickly come to feel the very active culture of the Madison students. I guess it’s something about the lake or the trees or being a mile from campus that instigates the need to physically get up and do something. Pick-up volleyball, soccer, and football games were a daily occurrence.

Now, depending on how savvy you are with your feet or hands can sometimes limit your ability to get involved in a particular activity. Or what if you can’t find enough dormmates who want to go out and play a full field game? That’s where Spikeball comes into play… figurately and literally. The game is intimate enough where you can get to know the players (minimum of 2) but can expanded to include as many people as you would like and even create a tournament out of it. Spikeball introduced me to some of my best friends, even with my lack of talent in the beginning. Spikeball is an immediate icebreaker. All you have to do is say:”Hey, we are going to play Spikeball, want to join?” and if the student has heard of it or not there, I’ve seen an estimated 95% (or so….) success rate throwing out this question with confidence.

Spikeball gets your heart rate up, your mind engaged, and your friendship foundation built. I am so thankful my best guy friend knocked on our door the 3rd week asking us to play because without it I wouldn’t have made my lifelong Lakeshore friends.

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