The Card Game That Makes Friends For You

Freshman year of college was one I will always remember for many reasons, but the biggest one being the friends I made. During this time, if there is one thing I can recommend bringing to make the transition easier, I urge you to bring Cards Against Humanity. This card game bonded my best friends together, created many good laughs, and gave us something to do on days where we just needed to relax.

The Cards Against Humanity Box

I recommend this game over others for many reasons. They come as follows:

  1. This is not a childish game, there are many controversial and gross cards in the deck that are bound to cause a few laughs. Laughing with friends is one of the best things and can make you feel more connected to them.
  2. This game is a conversation starter! Many times when my friends and I were playing this game, we often thought of funny stories to share.
  3. It is easy to play so anyone who comes along can join very easily! Even if you have been playing for a long time, it is not hard to add another player.
  4. There are many extension packs! For Christmas, one of my friends gifted the group new extension packs so we could keep having fun with the game. They make a great gift that everyone can benefit from!
Examples of Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs

Overall, my top indispensable item that I would not recommend going to college without is the game Cards Against Humanity. If you have a hard time striking conversation, this will do it for you!

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