Simple Survival Strategies for “Semi-Adults”

Picture this. It’s November, you’ve gained 15 pounds, and mom’s not waiting with hugs in your dorm when you (maybe) flunk your midterm.

Scenarios like these happen to many students during the transition from high school to freshman year of college. But while “semi-adulting” seems terrifying now, don’t worry – you’ll figure it out eventually. Until that day comes, here’s a few tips for survival when you arrive on campus next fall:

  • Buy an actual planner: No one’s here to track assignments, remember due dates, or remind you (again) that you have an exam tomorrow. Invest in a physical planner before class begins and be sure to WRITE reminders inside to hit important dates and deadlines you need to meet. It works a lot better than your brain, and you won’t need to beg for mercy during office hours.  
  • Stock up on Kraft Easy Mac: ramen noodles get old after a few weeks, so mix in a delicious single-serve Easy Mac when you need to snack during a busy day. All you need is a microwave, water and 3.5 minutes – and you’ll spare both your wallet (and stomach) before mowing down another quesadilla from Gordon’s.
I’m (partially) responsible for keeping Kraft afloat during my freshman year.
  • Try to “exercise” every single day: jokes aside, college can be incredibly stressful. It’s important to give your brain mental breaks between all the studying you’ll (hopefully) enjoy, and there’s no better way to do that than saving 30-60 minutes for physical activity on a daily basis. Jogging on Mendota, playing basketball or even sprinting the Chadbourne staircase (don’t ask) – it really doesn’t matter. Just trust me, a little sweat can go a long way.

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