Light Up Your Freshman Year With This Must Have

Imagine this: you finally get through the treacherous workout of climbing into your lofted bed and you realize that you forgot to turn off the lights, so now what? Instead of having to get up again, you can save both your time and effort with this ever so convenient light remote and outlet system.

Now, these remotes don’t connect to your main lights, but by plugging in some simple string or LED lights, you are easily able to control the brightness of your dorm room in the palm of your hand. There are also many reasons as to why hanging additional lights in your dorm is a good idea anyway, such as:

  1. It instantly makes your room more trendy and personal.
  2. Using dimmer lights while studying is way more relaxing than the bright overhead lights.
  3. It eliminates that bright early morning confrontation that everybody dreads.

Hanging lights aren’t necessarily the only option when it comes to illumination either. For example, my roommate and I also had desk lamps and a floor lamp, which worked equally as well.

Another beneficial feature is that the light remote comes with three outlets, so you can plug in up to three different things! Not to mention, it doesn’t even have to be lights! I frequently utilized them for my make-up mirror, hair dryer, blender, etc. 

As you can see, this light system is a super convenient and affordable hack for your dorm room that you and your roommate won’t regret buying!

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