Why Command Strips are your Best Friend: Dorm Room Edition

Pillows? Check. Sheets? Check. Towels check? Lamp? Check. Command strips? What’s that? Command strips is the best tool to decorate your wall… and here’s why:

Easy and Affordable

For as cheap as $3, you can hang approximately 10 pictures in your room! Command strips are cheap and easy to use. Since most connivence stores sell them such as Walgreens and CVS, chances are you can find a local store closest to your dorm. If not, most department stores such as Target and Walmart sell them, in addition to Amazon.

They Work!

Most dorm rooms are built with walls of cement block– nails don’t work, and tape ruins the paint. Command strips keep your wall decor in place and come off cleanly at the end of the year. This way, your RA won’t charge you for any damage! 

Great For Multiuse

There are various uses for command strips or hooks. Not only can you hang pictures, posters, and decor on your walls, but you can hang hooks to hold towels or even jackets. Most dorm rooms are pretty small, so saving any space you can is worthwhile. Even heavy duty decor like framed pictures or wet towels work; some command strips hold objects that weigh up to 16 pounds!

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