Want to Enjoy Reading Again? Take LitTrans 254!

I still remember how overwhelmed I was as an incoming freshman signing up for classes. I was undecided in my major, so I had no idea what to take. To satisfy my Literature requirement, I decided to take LitTrans 254. As someone who typically only reads when I am required to, I was dreading taking a course in Italian Literature. I did not know that this course would spark a love for reading that I never knew I had, and here is why. 

It is Engaging

I took this course with Professor Patrick Rumble. He explained all of the novels in class in-depth, so you were never confused about what was going on. This course is three credits and a great way to satisfy not only your intermediate credits but also your literature breadth requirement. It is a smaller atmosphere with only about 60 people in your lecture. Do not be intimidated by the higher-level course. If you go to class and pay attention, you are almost guaranteed an A. 

Books Worth Reading

In this course, you read three novels, and they are all worth reading. My favorite book was Man of Smoke, written by Aldo Palazzeschi. You dive into the more profound historical meaning of the novel. As someone who does not typically enjoy reading, I could not stop talking about this book for weeks. 

Take this course next Fall for a GPA booster and to gain knowledge in Italian history! 

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