Expectation vs. Reality: The Lakeshore Dorms

Every freshman coming to Madison knows about THE LAKESHORE DORMS and how they are boring and not really a part of campus. 

Well, I thought that too when I got my last choice for a dorm and was placed in Kronshage Showermann. I was devastated. I thought I would never make friends, never be able to go out on Thursday, and never to have fun past quiet hours, but I was all wrong. 

I lived in room 211 on an all-girls floor. My roommate and I were already friends from home which helped a lot.  When I first moved in, I immediately made friends with the girls across the hall. Later that night, we had a dorm meeting and since Kronshage Showermann only has about 60 people living in it we all introduced ourselves to one another. Little did I know that some of these people I met that night would become some of my best friends. 

As the weeks went on, I found myself amongst a group of friends that I ate dinner with every night, studied, and socialized with. We all had so much fun together going out and staying up late. To this day, I am still really good friends with the people in my dorm and I am so thankful for getting my last choice of dorm. 

I wish that at that moment when I found out I was living in Kronshage Showerman that I could have told myself that everything would work out perfectly and being in Kronshage would be one of the best parts of my freshman year. 

Here is a picture of me in front of my dorm when I moved out.

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