Don’t Sweat It: Bring A Desk Fan To School With You!

Picture this: you finish your first day of class, it’s 80 degrees and sunny, and you come back to a hot, sweaty dorm room. Of course, your room includes the basic college essentials: a bedspread, pillows, sheets, laundry bin, etc. However, you are missing one of the most key items you will need this year: a desk fan!

One thing that was absolutely essential during my freshman year of college was my desk fan. Since Wisconsin is cold for most of the year, incoming freshmen may think that a fan is an unnecessary item to bring to school. However, it was one of my most useful items which I definitely recommend to everybody. 

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Why is a desk fan one of the most indispensable items to bring to school you may ask?

  1. The months in the beginning and end of the school year in Wisconsin definitely reach high temperatures, and you will be uncomfortably hot without a fan in your room (especially if your dorm does not have air conditioning). 
  2. If you are having a bunch of your friends hang out in your room, a fan keeps your room from getting too stuffy.
  3. When you can’t fall asleep at night because your dorm room is agonizingly hot- your desk fan comes to the rescue!
  4. Studying becomes much that much harder if your dorm room is too hot and you are uncomfortable. 

These are a few reasons as to why a desk fan is a simple solution to so many problems that may arise during your freshman year. Don’t assume that going to a typically cold school means that you will not need a fan to help you keep your cool! 

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