Moving your Body is Key to Social Isolation

If you’re a gym rat or love the community that your fitness clubs and group workout classes bring or simply enjoy being in an atmosphere where you can improve your physical health, I’m sure that social distancing is hindering that aspect of your life with how everything is closed. These issues that social isolation brings is not stopped with Kamps Live!

Kamps Fit is a HIIT fitness center located right off of State Street in Madison, WI. Many students on campus are frequent attenders and have been worried of how the future of fitness centers is so uncertain right now. Kamps Fit trainers created an online community called Kamps Live, which operates by each attender paying a small monthly fee to sign up and receive Zoom meeting links for their live 50-minute workout classes by their exceptional trainers. There are multiple workouts during the day during different times to accommodate everyone’s schedules. The trainers are so fun and provide a welcoming environment while incorporating intense exercises – all virtually.

No matter your fitness level or where you’re at physically, this is a great way to relieve stress and get some exercise during these crazy times! Focusing on body positivity and improving your mental and physical health is something that I believe every person should be aware of and especially strive to work on to help pass time, have fun, and improve your lifestyle to be more beneficial for your future!

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