ART 346: The Graphic Design Class You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about graphic design, then taking Art 346: Basic Graphic Design is a must. All students can benefit from learning applications of design principles in this 3-credit art course.

Beyond more than learning how to use basic Adobe InDesign or Illustrator navigation tools, Professor Henrique Nardi brought a unique perspective on how to consider using typefaces in conjunction with balance, hierarchy and color. Often, students were limited to using just a few composition components. But, through these exercises, I discovered that my creativity was not bound by how many colors or shapes I could insert. This class taught me to think critically about the world we live in today, dominated by sleek or attention-grabbing designs.

In addition, the class size was considerably small, with only about 15 students enrolled in each of the three sections. While this class is offered every semester, students are required to take an introductory class before enrolling in Art 346.

While my freshman and sophomore years consisted of me struggling to choose a major, I knew that I would always want some form of art in my life. Eventually, I had gotten myself on track to completing a Studio Art Certificate with an emphasis in Graphic Design. After taking Professor Nardi’s class I knew I wanted to learn more about the many aspects of the world of design. So, I thought, why not declare the certificate?

With only five required courses to complete the certificate, any student should consider signing up for this certificate, especially in the design-oriented world we live in today.

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