How Can You Leave the World a Better Place?

In the School of Human Ecology, the Community and Nonprofit Leadership program executes many courses with life changing curriculums. I was fortunate enough to experience CSCS 300 which taught a wide variety of ways to create an impact on the world.

Why take CSCS 300?

  1. Professor Michael Maguire is a devoted man who is invested in his teachings with a genuine concern for others. He inspires his students and is a great connection to have in the future.
  2. The class is smaller compared to other lecture halls at UW-Madison with a maximum of 50 students. A smaller class size has been proven to help people learn faster and perform better.
  3. Community service engages, enabling them to form special bonds with the community around them while spreading social awareness and taking part in new opportunities.

CSCS 300 is a 3-credit course with 75 minutes classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Michael Maguire is teaching the course in the Fall of 2020 in Nancy Nicholas Hall which a newly constructed, beautiful facility on the UW-Campus. The group-based class incorporates the working with others to construct ideas of how to give back. Whether it was through volunteering, encouraging others to volunteer, organizing events such as walkouts or other movements, attending rallies or marches, etc., there is always something that can be done and CSCS provides the courage and education to be able to take action effectively.

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