Expectation Vs. Reality: You Are Not Alone.

“You will be in big classes, teachers won’t care about you, and you won’t have any guidance.” As a High Schooler, this is what my teachers would tell me. Coming to college, I was nervous and scared to be in lectures with hundreds of people. I was nervous to learn solely from professors talking in a microphone and me being expected to learn from taking notes I would have to jot down quickly just trying to keep up. I know I learn more efficiently from hands on activities, visual aids, and engagement with others. Some of my teachers in High School taught us the way they thought we would be taught by professors, saying they were “preparing us for college.”  A few weeks into college, I realized that there is way more support and guidance in college than ever I’ve ever had before.

There are so many resources on Campus, such as the UW writing center, and if you just utilize them correctly you don’t ever have to feel lost and confused. Although the lectures are very large and some professors ramble on, breaking down into smaller discussions and engaging with your TA and other classmates really allows you to grasp onto the content. I also have come to realize how helpful and resourceful the TA’s are. In every class I have taken so far at UW- Madison, my TA’s have been so amazing, resourceful, and helpful whether it be answering my questions or helping me understand concepts I struggle with. 

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