Creativity: The Solution to Quarantine Boredom

This depicts a person riding a lightbulb hot air balloon (the idea) to the top of a mountain (the goal).

Sitting inside during quarantine can feel like every day is mushing into the next and suddenly a month has passed, you can’t recall ever leaving the house. Getting out of this cycle can be difficult, so to do so, you must have a plan. On this list should be to get creative. This does not mean you have to be an artist–you can do a lot to be creative, including writing, playing an instrument, or even joining the TikTok trend. Here are some benefits to getting creative!

1.Stress Reliever

During this time, your mental health can be hard to keep in tact. You may feel yourself becoming more stressed and sad which can cause you to become sick, gain weight, and make it hard to sleep. Being creative has been proven to help with this, as it calms the body.

2.Wipe The Cob Webs Off Your Brain

As day after day passes of staying inside with many people not having much to do, you may start to feel as if you brain is not as sharp as it once was. Creativity can help with this as it forces you to come up with new ideas, consider it a workout for your brain! Being creative has even been proven to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

3.Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

As with many things, practice makes perfect. Creativity forces your brain to come up with solutions to issues and find ways around a problem. The more you practice, the better you will become at it!

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