So You Think You Can Dance? – Dance 111

I know what you’re thinking: A dance class? In college? That sounds like a waste of time. However, hear me out on this. Dance 111, also known as Contemporary Dance Technique and Theory I, is more than just a dance class. Available this Fall 2020 and open to freshman, this course introduces students to the world of fine arts at UW-Madison. As stated in the My UW course description, Dance 111 is the “study and practice of the fundamental principles of contemporary dance technique and theory; the exploration of the body as a creative instrument”. I took this class my first semester because I wanted an easy way to stay active while continuing to dance in college (I was a competitive dancer throughout my entire life). I took class from Professor Ciao-Ping Li, who remains one of my inspirations to this day. Needless to say, I am a now pursuing a dance certificate unrelated to my major because of how incredible the dance program is here at UW-Madison (and that all started by taking this class). Life as a college student is stressful, especially for first-year students. It can be extremely hard to fit physical activity into a busy schedule, but this class makes it easy. Basically, this is exercise for 2 college credits, with the added bonus of becoming more in-tune with your body and mind. The health benefits of dance are as good a reason as any, but the home you will find in the dance department is unlike anything else I have experienced at UW. College is for trying new things, and the UW-Madison Dance Department is the perfect place to start.

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