Phone Case? Wallet? – The Hybrid Essential to Your College Packing List


Going away to college presents students with new levels of freedom. But, with freedom comes responsibility, and one of the most challenging things to learn is how to remember what you need in your pocket at all times. As a result, one of the most essential items to put on your college packing list has to be a phone case with a wallet.
Phones have become almost an extra body part for us college students and we never seem to be without them. But, it’s a lot harder to remember other things like wallets and keys all the time. So, a phone case with a built-in or attached wallet is perfect for keeping your student ID, bus pass, and credit/debit cards all in line so you’re never stranded.
Trust me, nobody wants to be that person checking out in the dining hall only to realize they left their Wiscard on their dorm room desk. And you never want to be stuck unable to pay for Ian’s after a late night on the Terrace.
Wallets on phone cases come in all different shapes and sizes. From stick-on wallets to those built right into the case, all of these options prove to be essential to remembering what you need before you even need it. You can even get them for free from some organizations on campus!
So, when it’s time for you to make your freshman move-in list, don’t forget to put a wallet phone case on that #1 slot!

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