Learning How to Think: Why ILS 200 is a Class for Everyone.

If you’re enrolled at UW Madison, you know how to critically think. But, do you know what it means to think critically, and how you can use this skill to advance yourself throughout life and express yourself well?

Critical Thinking? Who needs an entire course on that? You do! Everyone does.

I took ILS 200: Critical Thinking and Expression my Fall semester Freshman year so, right about where you are standing right now. I was ready to get a few requirements off my to-do list while hopefully starting my college GPA off nicely. Little did I know that I would learn things beyond my expectations and skills that will help me in almost every aspect of my life. Not to mention, I did get an A and it was pretty easy to do so.

Course Info:

ILS 200 is a 3 credit course that fulfills the Communications B requirement. I took this class with Brianna McGinnis. However, since the lecture is very large due to it being an Elementary level course, I really gained the most from the smaller discussion sections where we would have open conversations about almost anything you can think of.

With a few reading assignments a week, the workload for this class is very manageable. The discussion sections require participation for credit, but trust me, the topics discussed are so interesting you’ll be squirming in your seat to put your opinion out there. Take it from someone who despises talking in class.

If you want an easy, fun 3 credit course that fulfills your comm. B requirement and your critical thinking dreams, ILS 200 is the class for you. Enroll for Fall 2020 Semester now!

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