An Outdoor Getaway

Facing boredom while quarantined is nothing new.  I know I’ve tried a variety of activities from baking to finishing many Netflix TV series to try and help keep me entertained.  One of the best ways I kept sane during this time was just getting outside.  For different people that can mean different things.  I am fortunate to live near the beach and by many hiking trails, so having an adventure in the outdoors is definitely an activity I recommend.  For me personally I am trying not to frequently use technology devices.  I want to be more engaged in the world and people around me rather then a cell phone.  Going outdoors can be going for a walk around your neighborhood, or to your favorite spot in nature, or on a hike.  The great thing is: it’s accessible to everyone. 

Below are some benefits being outdoors can have:

  1. Being outside lessens anxiety

Covid-19 has caused a lot of stress for people. Many lost their job, weren’t able to graduate, or have a sick family member.  At times like this it’s important to take care of your mental health and being outside can help raise your energy while keeping you in a calm and positive mood.

  1. Being outside can improve your sleep

My sleep schedule has been very odd lately and I often have trouble falling asleep.  The outdoors helps to set your sleep cycle, and we all know how important our sleep is.

  1. It can boost creativity

Quarantine is a time to do art, write, and new projects where a boosted creativity would be great.  A boosted creativity also just makes you think of more creative things to do while at home!   

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