A Must-Take Class at UW Madison

If criminal justice has always been of interest to you, but not required for your major, look into Legal Studies 131: Criminal Justice in America. This large lecture-style class takes students through the very basics of Criminal Justice and the Legal field in general. From note-worthy court cases, to social injustices within the system, the course covers a wide range of fascinating material. It is a very popular class, so it’s only available to Freshman and Seniors during the normal enrollment period

Course Designation:

  • Breadth: Social Science
  • Level: Elementary
  • L&S Credit: counts as liberal arts and science class

Given the current injustice regarding George Floyd’s murder by a police officer (linked below), this class offers insight into a subject more important than ever. In the class description, it describes the content as having an emphasis on “sociology of the components of criminal justice system–organization and roles of police, lawyers, court and correctional personnel,” which targets these exact topics in the context of the law.

A protester at a rally for George Floyd


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