5 Reasons Art 508 Is for You

Whether or not you are an art major, Colloquium in the Arts is the class for you. Art 508 is run by Professor Elaine Scheer who recruits artists from across the United States to come to UW-Madison and speak.

Keep reading to hear 5 reasons you should enroll in Art 508 this fall!

1. Accessible

Art 508 has no prerequisites and is open to all majors and grade levels. The class capacity is 160 students and enrollment is typically high.

2. Flexible Scheduling

Scheduling your first semester of college can be a stressful task. However, enrolling in Art 508 is a no brainer. Colloquium lectures are only once a week, Wednesday nights from 5:00 – 6:15.

3. GPA Booster

This one-credit class is an easy way to boost your total credits and GPA. Course work is light, consisting of keeping organized notes of colloquium lectures and making one weekly response to each visit.

4. Repeatable For Credit

This is a big deal for art majors. Art 508 is a studio credit which means art majors can repeat this course to gain studio credit equivalent to a studio course. This helps art majors attain the high studio credit graduation requirements. Repeating the course won’t get boring, as the visiting artists change each semester!

5. Engaging Content

Lastly, and arguably, most importantly the content of colloquium lectures are highly entertaining. Colloquium is open to the public, and many commute to campus to listen to talented artists, creators, and curators share about their work. Students have the opportunity to listen to these impressive talks while receiving credit. To view past colloquium visits, click here.

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