Why You Should Clean Out Your Inbox and Just Plug-In!

“Stay 6ft apart” is commonplace in language, on every window in every shop and restaurant, and across our neighbors’ faces as we walk on the sidewalk. But what if being 6-feet apart could actually be the closest we have ever been? 

Today, most of us can rest from the busyness of everyday life without any pressure on what is our next “to-do”. With the little human contact due to the virus’s hand, many are itching for connection. 


  1. Sit down and go through your email and/or text message inboxes. While cleaning out all the junk keep a lookout for individuals you haven’t connected within at least four months…whether it be middle school classmates, a teacher or coach, your great aunt, a co-worker, an old employer… you get the gist.  
  2. Create a list of these names
    Remember: you are not limited to just email/text correspondence, it’s just a jumping-off point and an excuse to clean out those pesky spam emails
  3. Every morning pick someone to reach out to either via phone call, text message, email, or social media to check-in. Ask what is going on in their lives and tell them what you have been up to! 

This presents a rare gift to rekindle lost relationships, strengthen old ones, and curate new ones. My dad always says “be interesting and be interested”. This is our unique opportunity to really be interested and make 6ft apart feel not so far.   

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