Music 113 – Jazz, Piano, Drums, and Demonstrations

Are you interested in music performances ranging from improvised jazz to sweeping cello suites? Are you interested getting a credit for just sitting back and relishing in a live performance an hour each week? If this is the case, then Music 113: Music in Performance is the class for you.

What is Music 113?

Music 113 is a class where you are treated to a range of different genres of music all performed live in front of you. In my personal experience, many of the performances are as much vessel for educating about the characteristics of music styles as they are about the actual performances.

Music 113 Performances

All of this begs the question, what kind of performances happen in Music 113? Music 113 features a plethora of styles of academic and classical music. During my time in the class I viewed performances from classical pianists, cellists, percussionists, and bassoonists. In addition, most of these performances featured elements of a lecture from the performers, as they tried to explain the fundamentals of their instruments after and sometimes during their performances. Lastly, some of these performances had a level of audience participation. For example, if you desired you could volunteer to go on stage for some of the performances and have the lecturer teach you the basics of their instrument.

Closing Details

In closing, Music 113 is a class that should interest students in need for a relaxing course, or just those with an interest in live performances. Music 113 is one credit hour, has a class size of 715 people, and will be offered in the 2020 fall semester. Lastly, when I took the class it was taught by Prof. Marc Vallon.

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