What Better Way to Spend Quarantine in your Childhood Home by (Re)Reading Harry Potter

Three months into quarantine, students are constantly looking for new ways to preoccupy themselves. Whether you were planning to spend your summer in New York with a competitive internship, or traveling abroad to take summer classes, I’m sure you couldn’t predict you would be socially distancing. Here are three reasons why reliving your childhood by reading the Harry Potter series is the best idea ever. 

  1. Reading is fun! Remember when you were 8 and read for pleasure instead of scrambling to read a semester’s worth of material the night before a midterm? Summer is not only the best time to read for fun as a young adult, but when you don’t have many other options due to a global pandemic, there is no better moment to start than right now.
  2. Harry Potter can apply to everyone. Whether you grew up reading the novels and counting down the days to watch the movies as they were released or never understood the hype, the Harry Potter series has something for everyone. From magic to villains to young adults feeling as if they don’t belong, every student can relate to the story on some level. 
  3. Relive your childhood. For many, quarantine has been an opportunity to live in your childhood home once again. What better way to spend lonely nights by staying up late under your sheets to finish the Harry Potter series… as a 20 year old! 

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