Inter-LS 215: A Hidden Gem at UW-Madison

At the end of my first semester freshman year, I had a dilemma. I’d taken 5 classes that semester, and I still had no idea what I wanted to major in. I was frustrated and discouraged. What if I never found a major or career that sparked my passion?

I wasn’t ready to give up, though. So, I enrolled in a few more classes that looked somewhat interesting to me, and I was on my way. I took an English and Journalism class, as well as some Gen-Ed classes. I also took a class that looked unique, which was INTER-LS 215, a three credit course dedicated to “communicating about careers”.

The course was unlike anything else I’d ever seen. Taught by Professor Greg Downey, 150 other students and I were able to find direction on what we were passionate about. Not only that, but we actually created cover letters, created a professional resume and got to practice our interviewing skills. Each assignment helped me to understand what I wanted my future to look like, and that was empowering.

As I am entering my sophomore, I’ve completely changed. INTER-LS 215 introduced me to the digital studies certificate, which is the reason I’m taking this course. I also declared the English major because of the skills I gained from that class. I decided I wanted to pursue a career in journalism, as I just applied to the J-School.

This class is perfect for anyone looking to gain workplace skills, or figure out direction when it comes to majors and future careers. If this class sounds interesting, take it in the fall. I can’t recommend this class enough!

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