Calling All Young Females: Discover the World of Youtube Influencers

Youtube is no longer just a platform for music videos and funny pet compilations, it is a space full of empowering young women openly sharing their life experiences and advice. You can join supportive and helpful communities while still keeping a safe social distance! Below are some of the best influencers aimed to empower and spread positivity.

1. Ava Jules

Ava is a quirky 19-year-old from Hawaii giving young females the content they didn’t know they needed. She posts fashion videos, island adventures, and, my personal favorite, life advice. Ava is like a big sister or best friend that keeps it real about the anxieties of growing up while staying positive and creating a supportive community.

2. Paris Boswell

Not only is Paris a lifestyle influencer, but she also attends the University of Wisconsin-Madison! She films weeks in her life on campus, game days, and videos about everything you NEED to know about our amazing school. Paris provides the perfect glimpse into college life at UW for curious freshmen excited about what’s ahead.

3. Remi Cruz

Remi gives her viewers insight into her life as a college grad turned L.A. media influencer. Her channel is filled with health and fitness videos about body positivity, which is so important for young females today. If that isn’t your style, she has plenty more videos ranging from DIYs to Amazon must-haves and helpful beauty tips!

The world of Youtube has influencers for everyone and is a great platform to discover during your time of social isolation!

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