Adulting: MyHomework, Google Calendar, Exercise, and Sleep

Here are four pieces of advice for incoming freshmen: 

(1) Use the website to organize homework, quizzes, assignment, and exams by course. I begin each semester by inputting the assignments and due dates so I always know what I need to focus on. Avoid the horrible “this huge paper is due tomorrow and I had no idea” panic attack by using a homework management website.

(2) Use Google Calendar. Scheduling your classes, extra circulars, and reminders are important to keep yourself on top of things. Without it, you can quickly get overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to keep track of. Google Calendar is important for any position you hold in the future, so it’s worthwhile to make it part of your life now. 

(3) Don’t forget to exercise. Everyone has a busy life but dedicating time to go to the gym or go for a run is vitally important. Creating an exercise routine is one of the best t things you can do for your well being. It’s important to prioritize working out over binging Netflix or catching up on YouTube. Your body will thank you. 

(4) Sleep. College is a busy time in life when it may seem that is never enough time to sleep. But keep in mind that sleep is needed to improve productivity and happiness throughout the following day. Listen to your body and hit your mattress when you feel tired.

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