What is a “Good Society”? Find Out by Taking Political Science 160!

What makes a heavy reading and writing dense class that incorporates readings from authors such as Plato, Hobbes, and Rawls interesting? A great professor! Introduction to Political Theory, a 4 credit class with Professor Kapust was one of my favorite classes. The lecture consisted of around six-hundred kids while the discussions held about twenty. I honestly did not expect to enjoy this class, but Kapust’s way of teaching and personality made this my favorite class to attend. I truly advanced, not only my knowledge in Political Theory, but also strengthened my writing skills. Throughout the whole course we focused on the question “what makes a good society?” We explored this question and broke it down through each reading. This class challenged me and sparked my interest in writing and exposing the truth. Kapust makes the class interesting and keeps students engaged by providing examples that connect to the “real world”. There were no tests in this class, but there were two essays that consisted of 2,000 words each. Every week we wrote discussion posts about how philosophies affect the media or how media influences our conception of the “good society.” We developed our own conception of what a “good society” really is and discussed our opinions through debates, games, and other fun activities in discussion. Kapust is the most engaging lecturer I have had so far in my experience at Madison and he really helps break down the concepts that one needs to grasp from the required readings. This class is offered in the Fall and many discussion sections are still open- I highly recommend taking it!

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