Don’t be Afraid to Make a Change: Transferring Schools

When I accepted an early decision to attend a private business university in New York City with significant scholarship money, I never expected to transfer to another institution two year later. I was promised an elite honors business program with world renowned professors and a personalized business program and curriculum. My expectation was to join a flexible, high caliber, well-connected business school with resources and a caring advising staff. However, that is now what I encountered. Not even close. 

Contrary to what I was promised on the University brochure, I was placed in a cookie-cutter, mediocre, adversarial learning environment. I realized during my first year in New York that I had made a misguided decision. The thought of revisiting the question of what college I should attend was initially daunting. I had already invested my time, effort, and energy to make friends and understand the ins and outs of my school in New York, would I really want to start all over again? 

After much thoughtful deliberation, I realized that contrary, to my early expectations, the reality was that I needed to transfer and explore my options. Thankfully, I mustered up the strength and resolve to transfer to UW and I am glad that I did. Although transferring schools can be challenging, at UW I encountered a friendly student body, caring professors, helpful academic advising resources, and excellent lectures. My experience has taught me that, despite my expectation to stay still, sometimes it’s best to change your reality.

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