Personality Matters

Dear College Freshman,

Many of you just abruptly completed  the social rollercoaster of freshman year. Instantly thrown at you was the mindset that binge drinking, casual sex, drugs and other recreations are totally normal behaviors. And then.. Just like that… coronavirus has you locked away from this new environment and under your parents watchful eye again. Expected to help clean, cook, stay quiet and do your online work. Don’t let this confinement stop you from the personal social growth you were making at school. Set up regular Face-time dates, zoom calls and Houseparty chat rooms with your friends. Staying in the practice of socializing is not only fun but also therapeutic. You’re feeling scared, anxious, bored and hungry all at once. Don’t feel this alone. Being able to talk to your friends about how you’re handling this transition will dissolve your worries and nerves about the virus. Create ways to feel close to your peeps without physically being with them. Face-time your bae and have a quarantine banana bread cook off. Or call up a new fraternity brother and talk while doing your prison workouts. In 2020 we have the ability to shorten the distance with wifi. Get on tinder and create your own version of Netflix’s new hit show “Dating Blind” (minus the marriage part cause we are waaaay too young for that). Any socializing is good socializing and will make your time in quarantine feel less lonely. And remember…. personality matters.

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