Need to work on your soft skills? Take Communication Arts 100!

If you’re an incoming student in the College of Letters and Sciences here at UW-Madison, I would highly recommend taking Com Arts 100 during your first year. Taking this class will not only give you the confidence you need to speak publically, but it will also leave you feeling more self-confident!

Titled “Introduction to Speech Composition,” UW-Madison’s Communication Arts 100 course is a three credit class designed to help college students become well-versed in the public speaking world. Not only does it fulfill every L&S student’s communication A requirement, but it also helps you to get out of your comfort zone and work on perfecting professional skills that can help you post-graduation and into your future career.

As an incredibly shy person, when I first walked into my Com Arts 100 class, I was terrified of even thinking of presenting a speech in front of another person. But the supportive and welcoming environment of both my professor and classmates made the class enjoyable and helped me to feel more relaxed and confident in my public speaking ability.

There will be several sections offered of this course this coming fall at UW-Madison, and I would strongly encourage any incoming freshman to get out of their comfort zone and use this class not only to fulfill credit requirements, but also to develop those oh-so-important soft skills!

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