Plan to Add Planning to Your College Plan

The title is a bit redundant, but it is necessary to show how important planning is to your college life. Throughout half of my college career, I wasn’t a planner at all. I didn’t keep a schedule. I procrastinated on most assignments. After an abysmal spring semester of my sophomore year, I finally got my act together. I actually wrote down when my commitments were so I didn’t accidentally double book or forget until the day of.

This one small change of actually planning my week out had a cascading effect. I spent less time stressed out worry about if I was forgetting something. Since I knew when I had free time, I knew how much time to budget for school and studying. Eventually this leads to planning out my time for school and studying too, making me want to finish the assignments sooner so I can have more free time. That free time was more rewarding because I didn’t have anything else to worry about and could actually relax.

This is where I really got out of control: then I started planning my meals. Meal planning is a really easy way to track what you eat and make sure you get enough of the right food each day. Not necessarily meal prepping, which is something I dislike because it takes the soul out of cooking. Cooking is not about grab and go food, but that is for another discussion involving Artusi.

To learn more about creating a weekly plan and what goes into setting up a plan, check out this article:

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