Nutrition Today: A Fantastic Course!

Nutritional Sciences 132 (“Nutrition Today”) is a course that provides a valuable perspective on the complex world of food and nutrition. I enrolled in Nutrition Today online with Peter Anderson in Spring 2020 for 3 credits to fulfill my Biological Science requirement for L&S. I really enjoyed the content of the class: the dive into the evolution of nutrition, human physiology, the micro and macro nutrients, energy sources, sports nutrition, electrolytes, food safety, and the environment.

The freedom the online format offered was also fantastic! I was able to self pace through the course and complete the modules in advance. This freed up time in my schedule to focus on some of more advanced coursework which required more of a commitment. Thankfully, the course exams were super accommodating. The class policy allowed students to drop their lowest exam score, which meant that I was able to feel mostly relaxed throughout the entire course (no such thing as being totally relaxed). Best of all, the course encouraged me to make much needed adjustments to my diet.  

Nutritional Sciences 132 is offered in Fall 2020 with Professor Peter Anderson online (Lec 003). I would encourage any student that wants to fulfill their Biological Science requirement, to explore the incredible world of nutritional science, to enjoy a schedule of freedom and flexibility, to experience a reduced stress environment, and to embark on a journey that could potentially change the way they eat and feel to enroll in Nutrition Today!!

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