Need Advanced Credits? This is the class to take!

If you are a student in the School of Letters and Science you need to complete a certain number of advanced credits to graduate. These advanced courses can be difficult and bring down your GPA. However, Educational Psychology 506 will leave you enlightened about how to manage a crisis or traumatic situations in life and an A on your transcript!

Educational Psychology 506 is an easy three-credit class that is taught by Dr. Lauren Meyer. The class meets once a week for three hours and the class size is about 30 students. During this class, we learned about safety in schools, how to manage a crisis situation, suicide prevention, and postvention, and how to manage self-care. 

When taking this I found the material to be very applicable to everyday life even though, I am not interested in education. This class can be beneficial for anyone to take! This class has only one midterm, final, and a project that is all very feasible if you attend class. Throughout this class, we also read Columbine, which is a great book written by David Cullen that I would suggest anyone read. 

I enjoyed this class because I learned about topics that were very new to me that I feel will be beneficial to me later in life. I also loved Dr. Meyer’s teaching. She is one of the nicest and most engaging professors at UW. 

Do you need Advanced Credits and want a GPA boost? If you do, it is your lucky day because this class is being offered in Fall 2020 Semester! 

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