Why LITTRANS 410 is The Only Class You Need to Take

To the vast majority of people, LITTRANS 410 is an indistinct code but to me, it was the best class I have ever taken at UW-Madison. In my 3 and a half years here, this class with a meager name: In Translation: Special Topics in Italian Literature has been the most interesting because of the multifaceted teaching style and world-expanding topics.

Italy’s culture and history are taught through multiple forms of media such as recipes, literature, poems, TV shows, and movies. This class also connects you more with food through making your own recipe video, learning how to make tortellini from scratch with a professional chef, and learning how to spot authentic, better-tasting Italian ingredients and food in the grocery store. The professor, Grazia Menechella, beautifully documents the history of Italians coming to America and their culture that followed. Learning about all the Italian roots in Wisconsin was extremely interesting and inspired me to learn more about the history of ethnicities in Wisconsin.

Sadly this 3 credit course is not being offered this fall, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the spring! If you aren’t able to take this class, I suggest taking any class taught by Grazia Menechella. She is the nicest and most unique professor I’ve had at UW-Madison and she made LITTRANS 410 what it is. She made the class of 40 people feel very personal and got everyone involved.

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