What to do With a Month Off for Winter Break? Ski for Cheap

One of the many luxuries of college is that winter break is nearly a full month long. All of the time may be overwhelming, but if you use it to your advantage there’s no reason that it can’t be one of the most memorable breaks and vacations that you have. And if you enjoy the outdoors and skiing, this is the trip for you.

UW-Madison is home to the oldest outdoors club in the nation, Hoofers. There are a wide variety of disciplines within Hoofers from fishing to horse back riding, but every winter the Ski and Snowboard portion plans a trip to a resort out west. The Hoofers winter break trip is the ideal way to get out of Wisconsin/the Midwest for winter break and best of all, for cheap. The club has countless fundraisers and is actually able to subsidize the trip a considerable amount. Similarly, the cheapest lodging is often to rent a large ski in/ski out house and cram as many people in as possible. This makes it virtually impossible to not meet new people and provides a fun atmosphere. Additionally, each winter break, the club travels to a new resort so people are rarely disappointed on the location.

Finally, even if the Hoofers winter break trip doesn’t work out for you, they are constantly traveling within the Midwest as well as returning out west to Jackson Hole for spring break. Not only is it a cheap way to meet interesting people and see neat places, but it’s the best way to spend your winter break.


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